About Us

Why InstantDocShop.com?

Policies, processes, tools and templates are the foundational tools to create and grow a solid, organized business. We have created “best practice” tools and templates for businesses of any size right down to the sole proprietorship.  The business tools and templates are the basis for business design effectiveness, operating effectiveness and industry best practices.  Proper policy, process and documentation are also often required by partners, investors, customers, or necessitated by industry regulations. 

Having a custom business tools and documentation developed by a consultant has traditionally only been possible for the largest companies.  Many businesses had no other options, and thus would either have no policies at all, or an employee would cobble together a substandard policy together.

InstantDocShop.com's goal is to provide best industry practice, professional, and most importantly, inexpensive, templates, documents and business resources to companies and individuals.  Business owners, department heads, home professionals or company executives can choose the resource they need from our extensive catalog that can be used to fulfill partnership or regulatory requirements, complete your HR documents, educate users, develop security practices, or ease home finance management.

About Us:

InstantDocShop.com is here for one reason: to help others succeed and fulfill their business needs and goals.  We are the leading online destination to start and develop small businesses. InstantDocShop.com provides the highest quality and unsurpassed selection of professional templates, tools, documents and resources. InstantDocShop.com was created to help individuals and small businesses by providing real world templates and resources to allow our customers to fulfill their business needs and goals at an affordable price.

We have been providing online business resources and solutions in various formats since 2005; helping companies from 1 to 50,000 employees address their business needs.

  • We have a 99.5% customer satisfaction rate
  • Our diverse clientele includes customers from virtually every industry, including: Life Sciences, Finance, Banking, Consulting, Legal, Real Estate, Government, Software, Technology, Media, Gaming, Non-Profit, Education, Design, and more.
  • We are located in the Research Triangle Park area of North Carolina, a world-renowned technology center known for innovation.
  • We offer a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee on our services.

We love to get to know our customers, so please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions at all about InstantDocShop.com.